After retailing a brand of jewellery across the globe for over 20 years, the inspiration for launching Sequoia was simple –  to bring  quality product into an exciting emerging market whilst providing a platform for people to have fun making a living and to be rewarded for their hard work. We are a company trading in freedom, personal fulfillment, rewards, quality of life and the right to embrace personal style.

At Sequoia we want to help you capture your passion and realize your dreams whether your desire is to enhance your look by wearing our latest designer collections or to becoming an Independent Jewellery Advisor – we hope that your journey with us is both exciting and enriching.

Sequoia is owned by Terry Bridge - who after many years of running other people's businesses- decided to take the plunge and do it 'on her own'!  Drawing from many sources and influences Terry has created collections that reflect the qualities that she believes in - timelessness, beauty and elegance.  The collections extend beyond jewellery and Terry has a growing number of product and service offerings.  To date, she has enabled over 500 women to set up their own jewellery consultancies nationally.

 "If one is truly ready within oneself and prepared to commit one's readiness without question to the deed that follows naturally on it, one finds life and circumstance suprisingly armed and ready at one's side" - Laurens van der Post




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